Mind Games

We will start with a safety briefing at the arranged location, where the highly qualified and fully trained guides will explain the necessary details on the ativities. Divided into even teams the group will start rotating the activities.

Game Examples:

Rope cuffs- In this activity the whole team will be tangled together with rope cuffs, the objective will then of course be to get detangled without cutting the rope or untying the knots or putting your cuffs through that of someone else.

Chinese Pyramid- Here the group needs to rotate 5 different size discs around 3 bases in order to finish off at a nominated base. The group may only move one disc at a time and are omly allowed to put smaller discs on top of bigger discs. Time is off the essence.

Nails- With this activity the group must come up with a way to balance 10 loose nails on top of the head of one nail that is driven into a piece of tree trunk. They should all balance freely for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Traffic jam- Its 5pm rush hour traffic and the teams will need to get 10 cars out of a jam, without causing a block or reversing the cars. Once blocked the traffic jam will be reset and the group must create a new solution.

Triplets- The group will be given a list of 24 different clues and they need to figure out the answer with in a time limit to ears max points.

Duration:                 2-4 hours
Level of activity: Light
Group size: 10-50
Location: Upon request
Price: Ave: R300 p/p (dependant on group size)


We provide beverages and snacks along the way of the games. Upon request, lunch or dinner can be organised in a set location. Accomodation can be also arranged at an agreed upon location.




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